Contribute to improve
our client’s results

We keep track of the organizations’ evolution at administrative and financial perspectives.
We prepare the supporting documents in order to organize and process accounting information.
BTOC supervises the tasks of clients’ accounting department so that it could assure the clients that BTOC will monitor the accounting policies and regulations of their company.
We prepare, adapt and manage the chart of accounts based on specific needs of an organization.
We implement and manage analytical or management accounting systems.
We prepare consolidated accounts in accordance with national and international standards.
We report financial information regularly according to customer preference (monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual).

Asset Management

Promote Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Regardless of their characteristics (Inventories, Tangible Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, Investment Properties and Biological Assets) we proceed to the identification and categorization of all assets presented in each location. We reconcile inventory items and the registration of an organization’s information system.

BTOC could help clients to value their properties and productive goods based on market values and using qualified experts.


Billing and Checking Current Account

Acting with Pragmatism and Determination

According to the organization's management policies, we define a set of administrative and financial procedures with the objective to create a document process cycle that records tasks to be performed and financial charts.

Information Systems

Understand Management

We observe and evaluate the information needs of the organizations and advise  them to use the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Ensure Compliance with
Legal Regulation

At BTOC we work in an integrated way to provide our clients with tax advice in all business  areas.
We advise our clients on a regular basis or in individual operations. 
We support organizations, as well as individual entities, to optimize the economic activities at national and international levels.
We support organizations to handle national and international taxation affairs.
We audit and execute Fiscal Due Diligence.
We help the organizations to communicate with the Tax Authority in order to apply for revising the tax through administrative complaints and hierarchical tax appeals.
We advise organizations to estimate its income tax, recommend  proper procedures to the organizations for the completion of the tax declarations and maximization of tax incentives.
We support our clients to comply with tax obligations such as periodic income statements (Corporate Income Tax (IRC) - template 22 and Personal Income Tax (IRS), template 3), accounting and tax information annual statement (IES), Model 10 and Model 30, among others.
We prepare the Transfer Price File based on the analysis of the nature, legality (in tax matters), sufficiency and regularity of transactions between related companies, within the scope of full competition principle.