To implement BTOC's vision of INFORM | COMMUNICATE | DELIVER in a unique and innovative way, we propose exclusive services that are strategically designed to respond to the challenges that our customers face.




The BLUE PAPER of BTOC is a working day for our employees to provide services at our clients‘ office.

It is imperative that organizations know their internal and external processes well to develop in a sustainable and focused way.

The measurement of results can not be limited to the profits or EBIT of the organizations.

Failures and waste of time are metrics that often are unknown and can be managed through simple techniques by the organization's employees and low investments to achieve better results.

Make your Blue Paper by Btoc
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By using tools, we structure, document and optimize process flows. We also ensure that an organization, together with its employees, operate in a smooth way.

We advise you to control your organization’s processes and benefit from the daily routine of it. By doing so, we could recognize risks and opportunities through a faster and illustrated representation about a situation chosen by the clients that they need to improve. We also provide related data, graphics and solution plan so that clients could get a better understanding of their operation and benefit their decision-making.

The BLUE PAPER by BTOC provides an instant view, a picture or a real photograph of your process. There are no minimum requirements range from  values, size, billing to the number of employees for BTOC to provide the service of a BLUE PAPER. Any organization can take this step in its management and development.




We support organizations to implement the management systems based on the ISO standards to get any of the following certifications: Environment, Quality, Work Safety and Health, Food Safety, Social Responsibilities, Information Security, Laboratories Safety, Information Technology Services, Industrial Management and Integrated Management Systems.
We provide internal audits to improve clients’ operation in order to guarantee that they fulfill the mandatory requirements to obtain or maintain the certification.



Organizational Climate Diagnosis

The Soul Beat Co. Service provides metrics on the health of corporate organizational dynamics by constructing customized questionnaires that provide focused or generalized diagnostics of the organizational climate.

Employee opinion survey on important aspects of organizational functioning;
Identification and involvement in the organization;
Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Index;
Organizational health index 80/20.

We believe in the virtues of a sound and coherent approach, supported essentially by simple tools.

GLOBAL BAROMETER (General Questionnaire)
STRATEGIC BAROMETER (Questionnaire for Tables)