Cape Verde

The Fabulous World*

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal.
It is the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill
* reflection of the way we feel.
It changes the times, the knowledge, the ways, the strategies. And after all, ... bills are bills. There are ways to count. And ways of accounting. And this is what we do. Every day. At BTOC Consulting Cape Verde. Doing the calculations... ... we already started our business 13 years ago

At BTOC Cape Verde's office, we usually
say that we have a solution to everything.
And it's true. What we do, we do it well.
Our clients, our partners, the entities that we support and to whom we give advice, know this so well.
And there are so many!
We want more. We have ambition. We want better!

Report, Communicate, Deliver.

The Cape Verdean economy trust on BTOC.
The accounts we make are accurate. And we provide a widen number of services to a wide number of areas of activity.
We are proud of our role in Administrative Management and Management in Human Resources.
And in the Consulting services we provide: Financial and Fiscal.
And in Training services

The people and organizations support your decisions based on the excellence of the information we provide.
With the tools we use, with the day-to-day knowledge of numbers.
Of the numbers, and the accounts.
BTOC Cape Verde helps to tell the story.
After all...
... accounts, are accounts.

Cape Verde - Cidade da Praia

Achada Santo António, Rua de Espanha, Edifício Odessa, 1º Andar

+238 260 11 56