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Main goal
Know and analyze the most recent amendments to the Labor Code (Law No. 90/2019 of September 4 and Law No. 93/2019 of September 4) and its impact on organizations as well as understand the new concepts that need to be implemented.

Specific objectives
At the end of the training action, participants must be able to:
• Know the new concepts inherent to the legislation in force;
• Identify and prepare working hours according to the new rules;
• Identify and prepare contracts according to the new rules;
• Understand the objectives of the 2019 Labor Code and its modifications during the 15 amendments to the Code.

Program content

Work Contracts / Workers' Rights and Duties
Contract regime - new modalities and their regimes

Working hours - new modalities and flexibility, Bank of Hours regime

Parenting Status
Parenting Statute - strengthening the rights of fathers and mothers

Legal regime for termination of employment
New rules - contract termination regime and respective compensation

The vocational training regime
Professional training - New rights for workers.

The “false green receipts” regime
Disincentive of “false green receipts”, consequences of using these contract modalities

Date / Time / Place of Realization

27 e 28 de February 2020

Das 09h30 às 13h00 e das 14h00 às 17h30 (14 horas)

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 17 - Piso 4

1050-116, Lisbon | Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 218 045 580

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