Discover and value talents

Invest in organizational, personal and professional development

We support our clients and provide tailor-made solutions according to the needs of each organization.
We take the role of Human Resources Manager for our clients with the advantage of having a professional team with different skills capable to implement the best HR management practices.

Administrative Management

We keep the staff information file updated.
We guarantee the compliance of the legal declaratory obligations.
We calculate and execute the salary processing and send the salary receipts in electronic format for the company and the employees.
We calculate and execute the salary processing and send the salary receipts in electronic format for the company and the employees.
We communicate with the Social Security Agency, Authority for Labor Conditions (ACT), Tax Authority (AT) and Working Unions about all the employee’s details, as well as the management of compensation funds and Insurance for Accidents at Work - admissions, updates and redemption delivery.
We manage the formalization of working and dismissing papers, as well as we manage contracts and vacations.
We help to frame the companies in the IRCT’s and the respective workers professional categories.
We prepare the linking of the salaries and accounting systems.
We prepare applications for internships supported by IEFP (Professional Training and Employment Institution)
We support organizations to comply with the suitable health and safety legislation at work
We do the mandatory reports and statistics, including the annual report.

Strategic Management

We potentiate Career Management, as we provide salaries and benefits based on an individual strategic plan, adapted to the organizations
We support organizations to recruit and select employees based on their needs and strategies, as well as we implement reception and integration policies.
We developed Performance Management methodologies as a fundamental tool to promote the merit, in terms of personal development and the improvement of service quality.
We support companies to prepare policies to develop organizational methodologies, focused on company strategy and development of human capital.
We perform an effective alignment of the culture and values of the entity through the model of Richard Barret - Cultural Transformation Tools.
We elaborate to our clients all available and suitable HR Management indicators based on their situation.


At BTOC, we understand that each organization is unique and consequently its needs are different.
We offer flexible services for professional training so that each organization could optimize its resources, concentrating on its core business and key process.
We manage the training of the organizations in an outsourcing system. Like this we allow employers to develop their annual training plan, fulfilling all legal requirements and quality procedures related to professional training.
We create and develop tailor-made training courses for the organizations, defining the objectives of every training course according to the needs and the features of each organization, regardless in an on-site or e-learning model.
We provide an individual e-learning platform for the organizations, where professional entities implement and design specific online courses.
We implement the training process in the organizations, as well as the DGERT Certification process. (DGERT _ Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations)
We provide tailor-made outdoor training, brain & soft skills games, after defining corporate development goals and the required evaluate metrics.