Considering that we live in a dynamic, complex and constantly changing world, the key idea behind the creation of the BTOC brand, in 2010, was to pool together our employees’ experience and technical expertise at a time of change when the New Accounting Regulations came into force in Portugal. In 2014, in the wake of the good results obtained, we decided to expand our activities to other markets, leading to BTOC’s entrance into MADEIRA.


Therefore, because we feel geared up to provide services in our business fields – Accounting and Human Resources, Financial and Tax Consultancy, among others –, we intend to help make better use of the financial information so that it can become a management tool that supports the decision making of our clients.

BTOC is the result of the professional management skills of each of its consultants, who have over 20 years of experience, and who are on the cutting edge of the technical knowledge in the sector.

We work with a broad range of private and public sector clients in an array of business areas, providing an extensive set of services. Our overriding goal is to closely monitor our clients in order to help them improve the efficiency of their organisation through the provision of services of the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Our internationalisation process started essentially with the creation of solutions for Portuguese companies operating abroad, as we believe it is extremely important that Portuguese businessmen can obtain some support/comfort in relation to accountancy and tax matters when they venture out of the country, so as to help them make the right decisions. Today we are able to support any businessman based in Madeira who intends to expand his business to other countries where we are located: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain, Macao, Mozambique, and Portugal.

BTOC enables businessmen to back up their decisions and obtain information in a centralised and global manner, through a single service provider, facilitating communication among all these locations and consolidating all the accounting information.

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