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BTOC Consulting in a joint proposal with the Municipality of Peniche, MOV.Peniche - Peniche Municipality Business Center and IPL - Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, co-organize on the next 13th of February; at 2:30 pm the Conference; OPPORTUNITY 2020 - Towards Success.

This event is of relevant importance for the business community, where a panel of excellence will focus on a set of circumstances that are conducive to the growth of organizations today.

| OE 2020 - Expected tax benefits

| PORTUGAL 2020 - Investment incentives within the scope of Portugal 2020;

| GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation;

| RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT - Relationship between Research and companies,

| DIGITAL MARKETING - The importance of building a relationship with customers.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a vision for your business, this is a conference for you!

We invite everyone to get to know all the opportunities available and strategic for business. From strategy to implementation, in this event you will have access to all the information and tools that are useful and available for decision making for business growth.




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