The success of Organizations depends on the daily knowledge of yours numbers
We are committed to prepare monthly management reports with useful financial information.
We are a consulting company dedicated to provide management and consulting services, based in Lisbon, Portugal. The project started in 2005, and the BTOC brand was created in 2010. Our objective is to focus on our employees' experience and technical excellence with this new cycle reinforced with the beginning of System of Accounting Normalization (Sistema de Normalização Contabilistica - SNC). BTOC has a team of more than one hundred consultants among Portugal and other branches in the world.

At the beginning of 2017, under the Portugal 2020 Program, we had the approval of a project for the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs.

This project reinforced the company's competitiveness in the national and international market, namely with the implementation in 2018 of the standards: NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NP ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 in order to guarantee the service quality of a company and the information safety of BTOC and our customers.

Our main services are accounting, administrative management of human resources, financial consulting, tax consulting and training. Our market differentiation is to optimize our clients’ financial information. Therefore, it can be a crucial management tool to support our clients’ decision making.

It is flexible for BTOC to provide clients with service, either as a continuity or in a single service, being carried out in our or at our clients’ office and with our own technicians or subcontracting partners to provide services.

Our Vision

Report, Communicate, Deliver

Market Recognition

BTOC is hoped to stand out at the national and international market, being incessantly recognized through providing excellent service to our clients.

Our signature: "Improving Business Worldwide" is reflected when we work align with the internationalization and inverse internationalization. We are therefore considered as an essential partner in Portugal.

BTOC customer database is very wide, from the public to the private sector among different kind of activities, scales and geography. We offer a wide range of services.

In addition to our experience, BTOC is formed from the know-how of our professionals, diverse expertise, covering all the essential components to the success of an organization. With more than 20 years experience, we work with a wide range of activities and a different type of clients:

Consulting Industry
Financial and Insurance Industry
Real Estate Industry
Accommodation and Restaurant Industry
Wholesale and Retail Industry
Construction Industry
Health and Social Industry
Collective, Social and Personal Services Industry
Transport and Communication Industry
Associations and Foundations Industry
Entities and Public Organisms
Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)
Holding Company
Securities Company
Listed Companies
Fiscal Transparency Companies 
Professional Entities
Complementary Grouping of Companies
Real Estate Investment Trust Management Companies
Private Company Limited by shares

Our internationalization process began essentially by creating solutions for Portuguese companies that try to work across the world. As we considered it’s extremely important to support the Portuguese businessmen when they arrive other destinations and start their business. They may need help in accounting and tax matters to support their decision-making.

Up til now, it is common for us to have global clients from several countries other than Portugal, such as Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain, Guinea Bissau, Macau, Mozambique and Poland.

BTOC, as a single service provider, facilitates the communication with the client between different locations and consolidates all the accounting information and supports the entrepreneurs’ decision-making of their business.

Portugal - West

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2520-451, Peniche

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Portugal - Algarve

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